warning for wall-plug-powered zappers

Hi, I have been working with Dr. Eisen. My dog, M. has an aggressive cancer called hemangiosarcoma and I ordered the Zapper Digital, Megahertz Ultra to use on her. I also used the foot straps and positioned them on her abdomen. I started with a general cancer setting and then changed to a kidney cancer setting as this is where the cancer is originated. When I did this she had burn marks from the contacts. I really need to get the pet contacts but am not sure if they will fit the zapper I have. Would you please help me with this? Also can they be expedited as she is really bad off and I am fearful she may not make it.Thanks,


Dear K.,

PLEASE IMMEDIATELY UNPLUG your “Zapper Digital” unit and do not use it on yourself or any animals! To prevent others from being harmed I’d unplug it from the wall and then snip the power cord with a pair of shears.

The “Zapper Digital” is a potentially lethal piece of equipment, and marketed fraudulently – Dr. Clark specifically warned against using devices that plug into the wall for reasons of safety, and any electrical engineer would tell you the same. The burns you are seeing will only get worse the more you use it, as the contact area of those straps is totally inadequate, and the circuit design itself that powers the straps is poorly designed with a signal that amplifies tissue damage when used in this way.

I can assure you that we do not sell accessories for the Zapper Digital, nor shall we ever.

For more information, you may wish to peruse the following pages:

  1. Zapper comparison chart – the Zapper Digital is listed, along with appropriate warnings
  2. Zapper Digital – lethal shock warning – with video

If you are interested in a safer, far more effective alternative, we do bill our AutoZap 5 as the Best Zapper for a number of reasons. If you have further questions I’ll be happy to answer them for you.


Zapper Wires are Broken

July 19, 2011

AutoZap 5 Super-fast Hulda Clark Zapper

The wire harness for the AutoZap 5 zapper is working intermittently. It seems to be in the wire itself, not the alligator connectors.
Please advise how to buy another set of wires.

Dear G,

We include a spare harness in the box with every zapper. Simply twist off the copper clips from the damaged wire, and twist them onto the spare, and you are good to go.



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Can I use the Zapper on my Dog?

May 24, 2011

Hi Arthur, My dog has been sick for the last few days, vomiting and diarrhea I wonder if I could use the zapper or zappicator on him?? Thank you B. Absolutely! I would wrap the zappicator in a plastic bag to keep it clean and dry, and zappicate for at least two 30-minute cycles per […]

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